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NSW Pistol Licence (H Class) Checklist

  • Please note that our pistol training program for 2024 is full, so the information below is only for those people who have already applied for training - no new introduction shoot or H course requests will be taken until further notice.

  • Attend an MFC introductory pistol shoot - booking is essential by emailing mfc.act.dc@gmail.comNote that we only have 30 training spots for 2024 and the waitlist is already heavily subscribed - as such, there may not be an available spot for an introduction shoot for many months. Existing MFC members get their first introduction shoot free of charge. Non-members, and members doing follow on introduction shoots, will be required to pay $30 to cover the cost of ammunition used. Payment details will be provided in the email advising your introduction shoot.

  • Join SSAA, if not already a member. You must remain a member of the SSAA to be in MFC.

  • Email to request a membership form, price for membership and to register interest in the H Class probationary course.  

    • Specify when you did your introductory shoot

    • Specify SSAA membership status

    • Advise if you already have a range pass

    • Advise if you already have an A/B (rifle) licence

  • Fill out and return MFC membership form

  • Pay MFC membership (and range pass if not already held). Note that you will not be able to do the initial “safe handling” shoot unless you are a current financial MFC member

  • Do an initial “safe handling” shoot with MFC and receive a signed form

  • Obtain 2 character references from people that have known you for longer than 2 years that are NOT directly related to you

  • You will be contacted with a start date for the next available probationary course and supplied with the course material

  • Submit signed “safe handling” form and licence application to NSW Firearms Registry with your receipt of payment

    • This can take 6-12 weeks to receive your H probationary licence card

    • If needed for the online form, the SSAA ACT Club approval number is 408906252

    • While you wait, check out the other sub disciplines of the ACT Military Firearms Club. Our calendar is on the website – please check in advance that there will be an instructor, firearms and ammunition available on the day if needed. If you do not hold an A/B (rifle) licence, complete the long arms safety course with SSAA ACT

  • Notify MFC once you have received your H probationary licence (plastic ID) so that you can be put onto the next available H probationary course

  • You will be contacted with a start date for the next available probationary course and supplied with the course material

  • Complete the H Class probationary course and receive a signed completion form

  • After having held your H probationary licence for 6 months, submit the completion form to the NSW Firearms Registry

  • After having held your H probationary licence for 12 months, an H category will automatically be added to you A/B licence and new plastic card issued. If no A/B licence is held, you will be automatically issued with a full H licence and new firearms licence number.

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