Membership Fees

  • Our current annual membership fee is $60 per year. Membership for Juniors is free.

  • Fees are normally due at the Annual General Meeting on the fourth Sunday in June, but new members pay a pro-rata rate - our Treasurer will advise what membership fee applies during the joining process below. 

  • In addition you'll need a range pass for the SSAA Majura complex. If you don't have one don't worry - you can pay with your membership fee. Range passes cost $60/year, $30/year for pensioners, or $75/year for a family.

How To Join Us

  • Attend an MFC introductory shoot for the sub-discipline you are most interested in - booking is essential by emailing that all introductory shoot places for pistol have been filled for the rest of this year and no bookings will be taken until Jan 2022. Rifle bookings are still on hold due to SSAA ACT COVID-19 Safety restrictions, limiting use of the range to members.

  • Join the SSAA, if you are not already a member. You must remain a member of the SSAA to be in MFC. You can join the SSAA online at

  • Email to request a membership form and price for membership. If you wish to shoot pistol, your email should also request to register interest in the H Class probationary course.  Please note that all H class courses are full until April 2022, but you can still shoot rifle until then.

    • Specify when you did your introductory shoot

    • Specify SSAA membership status

    • Advise if you already have a range pass - if not advise if you qualify for a concession or wish to purchase a family range pass

    • Advise if you already have an A/B (rifle) licence

  • Pay MFC membership (and range pass if not already held). Note that potential pistol shooters will not be allocated a place on the H Class probationary course or be allowed to attend an initial "safe handling" shoot (NSW residents only) unless you are a current financial MFC member.

  • Fill out and return the MFC membership form.


If you do not have a firearms licence, we can help you obtain one. 


If you have questions, please contact the Discipline Coordinator Ian Jimmieson via email or 0407 397 317.