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ACT Pistol Licence (H Class) Checklist

Please note that due to high demand, MFC will not be able to offer an H Class Probationary Course spot to new members until at least 2024.  

  • Attend an MFC introductory pistol shoot - booking is essential by emailing Note that we will not be taking any new bookings for introduction shoots until October/November 2023.

  • Join SSAA, if not already a member. You must remain a member of the SSAA to be in MFC.

  • Email to request a membership form, price for membership and to register interest in the H Class probationary course.  

    • Specify when you did your introductory shoot

    • Specify SSAA membership status

    • Advise if you already have a range pass

    • Advise if you already have an A/B (rifle) licence

  • Fill out and return MFC membership form

  • Pay MFC membership (and range pass if not already held). Note that you will not be allocated a place on the H Class probationary course unless you are a current financial MFC member.

  • Apply for your National Police Criminal History check

  • Obtain 2 character references from people that have known you for longer than 2 years that are NOT directly related to you

    • You will be contacted with a start date for the next available probationary course and supplied with the course material

    • While you wait, check out the other sub disciplines of the ACT Military Firearms Club. Our calendar is on the website – please check in advance that there will be an instructor, firearms and ammunition available on the day if needed

    • If you do not hold an A/B (rifle) licence, complete the long arms safety course with SSAA ACT

  • Complete the H Class probationary course. There are six nights (2nd and 4th Thursday nights of the month generally) followed by three MFC pistol matches (1st Sunday afternoon). Once the team are happy that you are safe you receive your safety certificate and get your licence application endorsed.

  • Read the Guidance from the Registry to avoid making a rookie error with your application. 

  • Take your H Class safety course certificate (and A/B certificate if applicable), club endorsed licence application, police criminal history check, receipt of firearms payment from Access Canberra and your character references to the ACT Firearms Registry for submission

    • If this is a new licence application, your photo will be taken and your licence will be ready in 28 days (payment should be made for “adult licence application”)

    • If you already hold an A/B licence, the upgrade to include H is on the spot provided the Deputy Registrar is available. It is suggested to try after midday (payment should be made for “upgrade of licence”). Upgrade of licence does not extend the licence expiry.



NOTE: The first six months of having your H Class on your licence (plastic ID) is considered to be the second six-month term of your probationary period. Purchase restrictions apply during this period.

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