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MFC Firearm Safety Course Program


H Probationer Course

Six Thursday night classes (2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month) introduce theory and safe handling aspects for shooters seeking their H Licence and culminates in an assessment on the 6th night. Course members must then attend three of the normal MFC Pistol matches held on the 1st Sunday of each month before their license applications will be endorsed.

Course Number         Night Class Start/ Finish                  Spots Available

        1/22                           12 January to 23 March                        Nil - Course is Full

        2/22                          13 January to 24 March                         Nil - Course is Full

        3/22                          14 April to 23 June                                 Nil - Course is Full

        4/22                          8 September to 24 November              Limited places available

Rifle (Class A/B) Safety Course

The A/B Safety Course will be conducted as required - normally during a Tuesday night. Any member (you MUST be a MFC member, and MUST have a valid SSAA ACT Range Pass to do this course) wishing to do the course need to nominate via email to Scheduled courses are listed below:

Course Number         Night Class Date             Spots Available

        1/22                            4 January                          Nil - Course Completed


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