How to Join

See below on how to join the SSAA ACT Military Firearms Club if you are a new shooter who lives in the ACT.

Some steps can be disregarded if you are already an active SSAA member or shooter.


Rifle (Class A/B) member

  1. Join the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (ACT Branch). The preferred option is to use the online application or alternatively you could pay $90 cash at the SSAA Range Office. Either option gives you a receipt for use before you receive your SSAA membership card.

  2. Book in for a firearms safety course via email Sessions are held at 6pm on the fourth Thursday of each month at the SSAA clubhouse at Majura – cost: SSAA members $50 adults, juniors free, non-members adult $75, juniors $35.

  3. Join Military Firearms Club by paying your pro-rata membership dues to SSAA Military Rifle Social Club's Westpac bank account (BSB 032-636 , account #359816), putting your name under details.  Membership dues are $5 per whole or partial month up until the end of June to a maximum of $60 which is the whole year rate. Juniors join for free.

  4. Complete the membership application form and email to

  5. Fill in the adult firearms licence application (categories A and B) and get this endorsed by the Discipline Coordinator.  Take this application together with 100 points of ID, an ACT shopfront receipt for $147 and your firearms safety certificate and head off to the Firearms Registry at 86 Vicars Street Mitchell (open from 8am to 1pm and 2pm to 3pm pm Monday to Friday; closed the fourth Friday of each month)

  6. Get a pro-rata SSAA range pass for $5 per complete or partial month up to the end of June to a maximum of $60 which is the whole year rate.  


Additional requirements for a pistol (Class H licence) member.

  1. Make application for a National Police Check.

  2. Provide the Military Firearms Club with two character references from people who have known you for at least five years and are not related to you, and a copy of your National Police Clearance.  If you are known to Club members we will not require that you provide the references prior to you participating in club matches but we will need to sight the references before we approve your application for an H class licence. 

  3. Before you start handling pistols you must pass a written and/or oral examination in safe handling techniques for handgun.

  4. You then commence your minimum six month and six match probation period.  During this period you will have to hire pistols and purchase ammunition from the Club.  At all times during the probation period you will be under the guidance of an MFC instructor.  Initially you will be using a .22LR pistol then you will progress to a centrefire self loading pistol and revolver.

  5. After the probation period has finished and you have met all requirements, the Club will endorse your application for an H class licence.  You then take the MFC approved H class licence application, a copy of the National Police Check certificate, 100 points of ID, copy of pistol match attendance sheet, shopfront receipt and copy of Club endorsement letter to the Firearms Registry.  If this is a new licence the fee will be $147 for 5 years but if you are upgrading an existing A/B licence the fee will be $46.

  6. Please be aware that club endorsement is not automatic for completing the probation requirements.  If the MFC Committee is not satisfied that you are genuinely interested in participating in club activities we will either extend your probation period or advise you that we will not support your application for an H class licence. 

  7. In your first six months as an H class licence holder you may apply to acquire 1 pistol, and after you have completed six months as an H class licence holder you may apply to acquire a second pistol which is a different type to the first.  The two types are rim fire and centre fire.  

  8. If you are an existing H class licence holder you must complete club safety tests and shoot two shoots under committee review. Once the committee is satisfied safety and competency standards are met, club endorsement for acquisition of a handgun will be considered.

  9. All pistol acquisitions must be endorsed by the Club.

  10. As an H class licence holder you must attend a minimum number of times (6) in any year or at least four times with rimfire and four times with centre fire if you own both classes of pistol.


If you are a NSW resident club endorsement comes via SSAA ACT Inc on the recommendation of MFC.  Most of the licensing procedures are similar.